I don't think the fire marshall would have been happy with the turnout for last night's Lotus user group meeting in Melbourne....

Melbourne User Group

The room was buzzing from the outset, as a really good article about Lotus had run in the Financial Review (Aussie equivalent of the Wall Street Journal) yesterday, with both myself and local sales executive Jonathan Stern quoted.  The entire article, by Mark Jones, rings very true, including (no online link):

Despite the market dominance of Microsoft Office and the spectre of free alternatives like Google's Gmail and Spreadsheets, Lotus Notes has managed to hang on to a large base of corporate customers.

In Australia, it counts Westpac, AMP, Centrelink and the Australian Bureau of Statistics among its client list of 1600 organisations. Worldwide, 125 million user licences have been sold.

Lotus Notes customers are notoriously passionate about the product and always eager for reassurance their loyalty is not misplaced.
I'm looking forward to seeing what the revitalized user group here can do.  Very few of the customers in the room had upgraded to Notes/Domino 7, but one of the other presenters talked about how they can work together to share best practices on upgrading (as well as other areas).  It feels to me like this market is ripe for a renaissance in Notes.  I have some meetings ahead today that should help solidify that.

Tons of other things to blog about but my schedule has given me about six hours for sleep each day.  But as I look out the hotel room window at Federation Square and the rest of Melbourne, I can't help but feel energized.

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