Thank you to my Aussie friends for ordering up an absolutely fantastic, perfect, wonderful Sunday in Sydney.  For those wondering which suggestion I took for how to spend my day off, it was mostly that from Karl Merkel and others of going to Manly, getting down to the beach, and also checking out North Head.  This is the view back to Sydney's skyline from North Head...the pocket camera didn't quite capture the moment.

Sydney skyline from North Head

I also did get to visit the Rocks Market (without purchasing anything -- it all looks the same as it did two years ago) and see the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 parked at Sydney airport.  Unfortunately, it was out the window of my own flight, so I didn't have the right angle for a good picture of it.  Oddly, the Singapore Airlines B747 sitting at the opposite end of the tarmac seemed to have a more imposing presence...perhaps because it was standing alone rather than at the gates amongst other large jets.

Looking forward to the next two days in Sydney, including the user group meeting on Tuesday morning.  Still don't know my plans for the "race that stops a nation" on Tuesday afternoon, but I'm sure something good is in store.

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