The following observation was made about twenty different times, this particular one quotes Fredrik Stöckel:

A huge problem though with XPages at the moment is the (lack of) documentation, especially the API documentation, and the content-assist that only works if certain criteria are meet - and only in certain contexts (which gives you the (false) impression that it’s broken). It leaves you with the feeling that it’s a bit “unfinished”. It’s very important to provide good documentation if you want people to adopt XPages.
This seems like one that is pretty actionable and one that my extended team and I can drive.

I heard things like (paraphrased) the RedWikis are useless, the documentation is spotty, and most importantly, the code still needs polish.

So here's the question -- where are you looking for XPages documentation, what do you think is missing, and what sources should we draw upon?  And Declan, did you ever look into publishing a book of your 43-part blog series?

I liked the idea I read somewhere of marketing XPages without the Notes/Domino name.  That seems like a provocative thought, but the right kind of "think different" mentality needed today.

One thing I am confused on is whether OpenNTF is helping people learn XPages or not.  There seemed to be very mixed comments on this.  Let's not go down the rabbit hole yet of what applications are needed for Notes/Domino and where, just how you are learning XPages and what the opportunity is with them.  Let's keep comments here constrained to XPages.  Your thoughts?

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