A number of tidbits, news, rumors, hints, and interesting stuff cropping up on the blogs this morning.  Paul Mooney has written several blog entries from DNUG, where my boss and my soon-to-be Lotusphere co-presenter (Kevin Cavanaugh and Brent Peters) presented one of the opening conference keynotes.  Highlights:

  • Lotus Symphony 1.2 for Mac now in beta (also covered here, here, here and here).  There will be more updates on Symphony coming out of the OpenOffice conference currently going on in Beijing.
  • Notes 8.0.2, through its own improvements as well as work with Citrix, has increased scalability on Citrix, up to 40 standard clients.  I'm trying to get a session and BoF on the Lotusphere agenda for those interested in this...significant improvement in this area and a lot more understanding of best practice.
  • Kevin and Brent made the first public mention of work to develop a synchronization approach between Notes/Domino and the Apple iPhone.  Paul blogs about the 50,000 pageviews we saw on ibm.com's iPhone page when iNotes "Ultralite" was made an Apple.com staff pick -- the single biggest page on ibm.com at the time.
  • We're approaching the release of Notes/Domino 8.5 and it's lots of good stuff.
  • Updates on Protector, Lotus Notes Hosted Messaging, and Foundations

It's a very busy time in the run up to 8.5 and Lotusphere, and the product team is delivering at every turn.  Lots more to talk about in the coming days.

Link: Paul Mooney:  Blogging the (DNUG) keynote >

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