Paul was kind enough to blog this simple guide to using Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1 on the iPhone last week, but 8.5.1 had not yet shipped.  Now that the code is out, I wanted to link back to Paul's tutorial:

I presented on Lotus Traveler and went through the iPhone setup using a webcam.  I figured it may be useful to someone to screenshot the set-up process, just so you see how easy this is.  Setting up the traveler server is very straightforward, and installation instructions are in the admincamp 2009 presentation on my resources page.  So, here is the client set-up.
I think the end-user setup is one of the more elegant aspects of the Notes Traveler implementation on the iPhone.  Unlike the Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian devices, we don't deploy a client -- we just use what's already on the device.  Further, we don't ask the user to do much of anything -- they don't have to go into the configuration and set the service up.  As with most things Apple,

Now if you are interested in the back-end plumbing, don't forget Declan Lynch's excellent blog entries on configuring advanced settings: Part 1 and Part 2.

Link: Paul Mooney: Setting up your iPhone to use your business mail, calendar and contacts >

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