Paul is part of the design partner program, and as with other beta participants, has been given the early run to start talking about Notes 8.5.2 in advance of its planned Q3 release.  Several of you will find his post good news.  He shows an improvement of 10% or more in the cold start time vs. 8.5.1, which is even better than 8.0.1 or 8.0.2.  The warm start is a mere matter of seconds, as fast as a browser or any other app.

Links: Cold start >
Warm start >

I've been in a few meetings recently with customers who are very frustrated with the Notes 8 startup time, still, after a bunch of work that has gone into the maintenance releases.  I don't want to go too far into one customer specifics, but in one case, perceptions and reality are not aligned.  I think it's important to do more videos like Paul's, though I'd like to see a "typical" Windows one -- Macs may be common in the community, but some customers still want to see what the results will be in their environment.  Either way, we're at a point where the startup time is reasonable on a reasonable (doesn't have to be 2010 latest and greatest) machine, depending entirely on what else is going on in the environment (which is true of any software program).

Link: Paul Mooney: Speed improvement loading Notes 852 >

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