I'm suddenly much more interested in conversations like this one...

Some people want a new workspace (especially since the iPhone) and some want the "open" dialog enhanced.  Either way, Lotus have to manage and evolve two front ends to keep people happy.  I had a suggestion before, and based on conversations at the GSX seminar, I wanted to surface a suggestion I had before again.

How about we rethink this.  Scrap both options and then link the icons into the platform you are working in, be it Windows/Mac/Linux.  
It's an interesting question.  Today, the intrinsic value of the Notes client is the overall integration -- the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  However, some of the parts are redundant services in 2008 versus tools provided by the operating system, browser, etc.

If, as Paul suggests, the front-end were to be more a part of the native OS, how would that change user interaction, awareness, and propensity to participate?  I think of myself as "living" in the Notes client today, especially with integrated Sametime, Connections, Quickr, and Symphony.  With a change in metaphor, what would that experience become?

Good discussion (20 comments already) and some provocative mockups from Mr. Mooney.

Link: Paul Mooney: Time to rethink the Lotus Notes front end? >

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