Paul Robichaux, an Exchange MVP and long-time Machead, has published an assessment of the iPhone 2.0's user experience as an e-mail device.  Paul and I have clashed from time to time over which side of the fight we're on, but one thing is for sure -- he knows his stuff on Exchange, and has the cred to have written this blog.  And thus, we have the first article that hits what I predicted would be a bumpy road in terms of "enterprise" support delivered on the iPhone:

Bad news: the iPhone's offline story is poor. When the device radios are off, any attempt to move or delete messages results in an error dialog. How lame is that? ...

There are several common-- nay, fundamental-- things that you cannot do with the iPhone calendar application. You cannot:
    * create a meeting request and invite other people to attend. ...

The iPhone doesn't include a built-in tasks/to-do application. ...
Paul goes on to cover issues with other calendaring points, tasks (no support), notes, policy control/security, and some basic bugs.

On Friday, I was quoted in PC World.  I hesitated to highlight it here, beause I figured it would just open up the next round of attacks for "Why hasn't Lotus put all of its energy behind this".  Well, we have and we are.  But, we're also doing it with the multi-year experience brought by working with partners like RIM, Nokia, Motorola/Good, Sybase, etc.  And we are in a space where Sybase, CompanionLink, and others are already shipping something that works, and IBM ourselves will ship iNotes (formerly Domino Web Access) for the iPhone next month.  (Yes, I know that link is broken right now...should have it fixed shortly, or you can use Google's cache).  The bottom line is, new device, new challenges.  Important device, important efforts, including shipping the first phase of direct support next month.  Your input on what comes next has been valuable to the IBM side, and an IBM VP is carrying that message forward to our partner.  Meanwhile, I had a great meeting with Apple on Friday, and lots of specific planning through October and beyond.  But all that is for the future.... one where I can say we are listening and working towards a better one.

Meanwhile, go read Paul's blog about the iPhone + Exchange.

Link: Paul Robichaux: The iPhone as a mail device >

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