PC Pro recently published a post-Lotusphere view of the Lotus world.

[I]f I were taking long bets on the comparative future of Notes and Exchange, I would be gently backing away from Mr Gates' offering.
The article is a first-hand report on Lotusphere, including the reporter's (somewhat ironic, now) view of Ray Ozzie's appearance, and of being part of a press interview with a set of Chinese journalists.
There is lots going on in the Notes world, which probably escapes the notice of my small business network readers of this column, but shouldn't. From our perspective, it often seems that the world is Microsoft Exchange and nothing else; in reality, Exchange and Notes are just about level-pegging in the marketplace with 120 million users each. Also, 50 per cent of Exchange seats remain stuck on version 5.5 (not daring to upgrade), while 90 per cent of the Notes population is on version 6, having upgraded without any major upheaval. And while all of this has been going on, Notes has been spreading.
Link: PC Pro UK: The smell of the crusaders > (Free registration may be required)  
(Thanks to Mike Brown and Matt White for the link)

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