PC World covers the new report from Forrester analyst Rob Koplowitz, "Notes Versus SharePoint: Which Collaboration Platform Is Right For You?":

IBM still has an edge in providing third-party applications that run on Notes and Domino if companies want to use software from more than one vendor, according to the report. Also, Notes, Sametime, IBM's corporate instant-messaging client, and Quickr, IBM's content-sharing application, are built on the open-source Eclipse developer platform, which allows them to run Eclipse plug-ins natively and provides a more open development architecture for third-party applications. ...

Lotus also provides a valuable piece of functionality that SharePoint does not -- the ability to replicate data and application logic from server to server, as well as from server to client, Koplowitz said. This comes in handy in instances where information and application logic spans multiple locations across low-bandwidth links to the Internet, giving users the ability to replicate data with the back-end server once and then work in an offline capacity, he said.
I just had the chance to read the full report, which follows on from the teleconference Forrester held back in August.  No winner in this report, and both vendors and our supporters will find things to quarrel with, but the bottom line is it shows that each vendor has a solid position in the market ....that there is no likely "single winner" in the collaboration space, other than you the customer.

Link: PC World: Study: SharePoint, Lotus in for Long Collaboration Fight >

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