While most of this article focuses on obscure Windows commands to help eke out incremental benefit from MS Windows, the fourth page gets into productivity tips from Getting Things Done guru David Allen:

1. Allen is a Lotus Notes enthusiast, through and through, but he enhances the spartan Notes interface with the eProductivity add-on, which adds next-generation features to the software. One of these features, for ex­­ample, enables the user to drag an e-mail message to a "call" button in order to place an immediate phone call to the person who sent the message. eproductivity.com

2. Allen syncs his Notes database with his BlackBerry, which he considers the best handheld for agenda mavens.
And thus, Notes can help you make it all work.

Link: PC World: Work Smarter In Windows: 55 Great Productivity Tricks > (Thanks, Jim)

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