PC Magazine's Michael Miller takes a long look at Lotus Notes 8.5:

Many people I talk to are surprised that I run Lotus Notes, but it's really not that unusual. Sure, Microsoft's solutions have long since overtaken Notes in the sheer number of business users, and a number of webmail solutions have much more buzz. But Notes and the related Domino server are still used by a lot of big enterprises, where it is really the only significant alternative to Microsoft Exchange. ...

One particularly nice new feature in the 8.5 release (on all the platforms) is much broader support for calendaring and contacts in other systems, which lets you combine both your work and personal schedules together. Notes 8.5 can connect with other calendars that support iCal, such as those on Google and Yahoo, letting you see events in your personal calendar combined with your work calendar. Similarly, you can share contacts across programs that supports vCard. Being able to see work and personal information on a single view is an interesting innovation. ...

In fact, Lotus Notes 8.5 for the Mac is almost exactly like the Windows and Linux versions, while in contrast, Microsoft Entourage (part of Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac) is just not up to the features of Outlook 2007 for Windows.
Miller closes that he doesn't see Notes 8 as trumping Outlook, but "You've got to give IBM credit for persistence."  I'd like to think we've done a lot more than that...but from Michael Miller, to have come to parity+ is very good, publicly-visible progress.  Right, Jim C? (He'll get who I mean).

Link: PCMag: Notes 8.5: Big Change for Mac Users; Support for Webmail Calendars by Michael Miller >

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