Michael Miller writes his first impressions of the Notes 8 client:

Now I know many of you reading this think Notes vanished years ago, and indeed, it sure felt like IBM gave up on it for years, preferring instead to talk about things like Workplace, which never took off. But the Notes client and Domino mail server have survived. In fact, I've seen market research studies showing it still has somewhere between 20% and 40% of the market, concentrated in larger accounts. Outlook is more popular, but Notes remains a big presence.

IBM has recognized this, and with Notes 8, it has created by the far the biggest upgrade to Notes in a decade or more. ...

I work for a company that runs Notes, so I was thrilled to be able to move to a new version that seems a lot more modern than anything IBM has offered before.

Notes 8 is the biggest change in the product in years, giving the produce a much more modern, more standard user interface.
Positive words from Miller, while indicating some areas for improvement.  Miller also notes the change in tone and attitude he detected from the IBM team at the recent Lotus Collaboration Summit event in New York.

Some good comments discussion going already on the PCMag site.

Link: PCMag.com Michael Miller: The real Outlook competitor >

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