Published a couple of weeks ago, right before the general release, Steve Cassidy has some thoughts on Notes 8:

the world's other favourite messaging and collaboration system continues to flourish while remaining outside the hype circuit, at least for us here in the UK. Lotus Notes 8 beta is available for free download and will be released later this year, so they say. It's a ground-up cosmetic rethink of the whole Notes client, designed to win over those numerous users whose attachment to Outlook verges on obsession, even to the point of atavism.

A few years ago, this would have seemed an impossibly tall order, mostly because Lotus Notes was famously machine-hungry, but as with my observations about SBS above, the fact is that the performance bar has been rising so fast over the last 12 months the machine hogs of yesteryear look like neat little utilities today. I make no attempt to disguise my partiality for Lotus Notes over Exchange and Outlook, mainly because I've observed the fragility of Exchange Server over a long term, and the security and absence of nasty surprises in Notes and Domino over a similar period.
Goes on to talk in detail about the productivity editors and other components of the new release.

Link: PCPro Real World Computing: The Lotus floats on > (ta, Mike)

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  1. 1  Gustav Imhoff  |

    Sorry for being OT: Is a trial/demo of Notes 8 somewhere downloadable. Thanks for your help in advance.

    - Gustav

  1. 2  Ed Brill |

    @1 I think within about 30 days, not yet.

  1. 3  Turtle |

    Well, yeah.

    Security and reliability? Yup. Use any version of the client you want? Yup. Use pretty much any browser on any platform for web access? Mostly yup. Fifteen years of backward compatibility and forward thinking? Yup?

    That Microsoft has managed to addict pinheads to their particular client layout doesn't impress me. People used to adore WordStar 2.2 and dBase III, too. Nobody comes out of the womb knowing the Outlook client, and if admins fall back on the "it's what our users are used to" argument while their mail store eats itself and demands ever-larger servers, well, they have no excuse but laziness and lack of professional self-assurance.

    My Domino site still runs on 2001 hardware. We're being forced to upgrade, not by the demands of Domino, but because our systems people were told by Sun that our hardware was not officially supported for Solaris 10. Otherwise, I could probably roll those old 6503s for another three or four years.

  1. 4  Turtle |

    Oh, and the demos: you can get the software through Passport Advantage if you have a deal in place with IBM, but for me, I'd just as soon get the trial code. I'm still running Beta 3 here and it's tough as concrete. I may not upgrade till 8.01.

  1. 5  Steve Cassidy  |

    While I agree with the turtle, the problem with pinheads is, there's a lot of them out there, and you have to deal with them via beads, rattles, mirrors and small chocolatey treats. Rational conversation doesn't do the job.

    Nice to see my words travel so well!

    - Steve

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