Pearl diving

September 14 2007

I am impressed.

Earlier this week, my Blackberry Pearl made the famous electronics dive manuver -- out of my shirt pocket and into the dog's water dish.

Knowing all the horror stories, I immdiately freaked out.  I was Pearl diving two seconds later, but it was all washed up.  

Under time pressure at that moment anyway, I took the soggy Pearl apart to dry out.  30 minutes later, I held my breath and put it back together.  Amazingly, it worked -- but the display had some attractive dark spots all over it.  It wasn't dead, thankfully, but it sure wasn't 100% either.

Sarah and Valerie at RIM received a panicked e-mail from me somewhere along the way.


Three days later, and the innards have completely dried out -- the Pearl is back to its Tuesday noon condition.

Of course, it is September, so oysters are back in season.  That must explain the excellent quality of this Pearl.

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