Pearl of wisdom

December 2 2006

As Ben Rose said to me yesterday, "the world must be coming to an end!"  After a visit with vowe, borrowing from Buchan, banter with Ben, and jealousy with John.... I am in the process of acquiring a Blackberry Pearl. Beautiful design, lightweight and small, easy to use.


I am not connecting it to my IBM mailbox.  (I heard your "for now!")

I know myself too well, and I do not intend to need one of those Crackberry helmets.  I had 92 new e-mails waiting @ work when I arrived home from Z├╝rich the other night...and it was far more important to spend time with my daughter than rolling a little trackball in an electronic candybar.  My own personality being what it is, I just need to avoid the temptation, rather than the usual "well you can turn it off!" response I get from Blackberry addicts.

I'm keeping my old phone nearby, too, in case of overdose.

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