Pearly standby

July 17 2007

Five months into using the Blackberry Pearl, I suppose the most remarkable thing is how little I've written about it.  It just works, and works well (99% of the time).  I haven't become an addict, though it does seem odd that first thing in the morning, I scan my mail on the Pearl rather than walk down a flight of stairs to look at the laptop.  And I'm really enjoying having decent calendar and browser-based net access all the time, plus some of the bonuses like Google maps.

Pearl users seem to love to show off their Pearls, even to other Pearl users.  That's why I am surprised that so few of the Pearl users I encounter know about vowe's "secret" tip -- the mute button.  That's that square button on the top of the Pearl.  Sure, they may know it's the mute button...but not the standby button when held for two seconds.  I have shown that feature to at least a half-dozen Pearl users so far, all thanking me on behalf of their battery life.  So, standby Pearl users...just push the right buttons.

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