Perception is reality

December 17 2007

Earlier today, I had some time to review some interesting regional market research.  I'm not sure if or how much of this can be shared publicly, but I'm going to try anyway.  

This research talked to a decent number of Microsoft customers, and was conducted last quarter.  Among the many questions asked of these Microsoft customers was,

What are the main weaknesses of the Microsoft brand and its products?
Survey participants were not given a list of potential answers....their unprompted responses were categorized by the researcher.

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the answers on this (and at the time, I was sitting on the upper level of a commuter train, that would not have been fun).  The most popular answer was "high cost".  Others were around performance or compatibility.  But the one that stood out was the 25% (second-most popular answer) who said .... "none".

Let's repeat that.  One in four respondents to this survey indicated that there are no main weaknesses of the Microsoft brand and its products.

That is some pretty impressive kool-aid.

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