I know I should really be charging a referrer commission every time I link to a Microsoft employee's blog... ah well.
An interesting discussion has spun up on Peter's blog about application rationalization.  Like much of Microsoft's current spin, Peter has asserted that

The majority of organisation running Lotus Notes have got a substantial number of Domino applications. These applications are often a legacy they are dragging along ever since LN 4.x.
Because Notes applications are easy to develop, at a certain point also people with little development skills were creating them. The result hundreds or in some cases even thousands of applications. I know of organsiations who have recently migrated to LN 6.5.x and have in conjunction centralised their serverbase. On reviewing / rewriting their applications alone they've spent millions of Euro's in manhours because of hardcoded server names and 'web-enabling applications to mention a few.
Sigh.  I worked with a customer in London last year that was in a situation like this.  Microsoft (and, I believe, Accenture) were telling them that it would be cheaper, easier, and less painful to "rationalise" those applications over to the .NET platform.  IBM came in and proposed a "rationalisation" of their Domino environment.  The IBM approach was selected, as it was cheaper, easier, and less painful -- oh, and the technology made more strategic sense to the organisation in question.
Anyway, you can check out the discussion on Peter's site -- I can see that "Two Fish" Buchan has come back from holidays quite energized to fight the good fight.  

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