This is such a cool story about practical use of Lotus Notes and Domino, and how the best technology can help a company win in the marketplace:

While only a small company with less than 200 employees, it has to find a way to manage 10 million e-mail messages. That's an average of 50,000 messages per person that grows at an average rate of 2.25GB per day. In the marketing department multimedia content has seen some individual mail files grow to 72 GB. Busy executives rarely find time to file their mail so in-boxes can contain as many as 75,000 messages. Summit's Directory system is upside down to most companies. They have a small internal directory with around 200 entries linked to a separate Notes application (the Summit Rolodex) with around 17,000 external contacts.

All the above is handled using a single (Linux) mail server running Domino 8.5.1. ... And the cost to keep all this running? Well Charles has a very small team that keeps the mail system running. I am the sole Domino Administrator for which I only need to maintain an average of 8 hours per week to keep the entire Domino infrastructure running in a clean/stable state.
Congratulations to Summit Entertainment on their use of Notes/Domino to produce tremendously successful films.

Link: Peter Presnell: Notes 8.5.1 Helps Break Box Office Record >

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