Through the fog of Q4 and pre-Lotusphere preparation, I was aware that Peter Presnell has been building a "Lotus Legends" list of community luminaries.  I hadn't really checked it out until yesterday, and I was really impressed with Peter's work.

Clearly, with a 20-year product history so far, the Lotus Notes/Domino community has tons of legendary contributors, from all over the world.  Peter has done an excellent job at highlighting three dozen names you already know, but perhaps you never knew the reasons why these names are so big in the Lotus world.

For a long time, I've wanted to do a formal recognition program from IBM for people like the Lotus Legends on Peter's list.  At least as a small gesture, I'd like to endorse his, and suggest there are probably another dozen or two names that belong on that wall of fame.  Who do you think is missing?

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