From my travels a week ago to Sofia, Bucharest, Vienna, Paris, and points in-between, photos are now on-line.  It may be notable just as much for what I didn't photograph as what I did.  This was a business trip, after all, so most of my sightseeing was of the hour here-hour there variety.

Other observations from the road:

  • Thank you to my colleagues Gabriel, Christina, and Gabriela, along with Mihai form Softnet, for making Bucharest a great stop.  I don't have any photos of the water-logged city (forgot my camera that night), or the enormous people's palace, but captured what I could.  
  • One of the oddest sights in Bucharest for this world traveler -- a five-star hotel bearing a franchise name that isn't typically associated with five-star business travel.
  • The Romanians sure like to eat.  Must be where my grandmother got it from.  I did ask to take a pass on any dishes with brain, and I was willing to have them laugh at the fact that "Americans don't eat organ meat".
  • Next time I find myself in Umag Croatia, or Ljubljana, I'll feel much more comfortable renting a car.  But without my colleague Radek, who speaks what seems like 27 languages, I'm sure that would be a more difficult navigation experience.
  • Adria Airways (Slovenian flag-carrier) was nice enough, but I'm not sure about their business model.  When Radek and I landed at Ljubljana on Thursday night, we could see seven of their ten planes on the tarmac.  Another one was on the ground in Vienna when we left there.  Doesn't look like a particularly good utilisation rate at that moment in time.

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