Dwight Morse, Notes product manager, recently did a podcast with ZDNet's "Innovations" website.  From their website:

Many of us live in our e-mail boxes, but we don't always enjoy the experience. Our inboxes are brimming with spam and unwanted messages, and the e-mail just keeps on coming. IBM's Lotus Software Division sees more potential in e-mail than many people recognize. Its developers has been working on enhancements that unlock new potential. Dwight Morse believes e-mail can be a window onto the Internet, a way to build communities and a source of discovery. In this podcast interview, he talks about innovations that may cause you to think differently about e-mail's potential.
Dwight acknowledges that e-mail has been around "forever" but challenges the notion that e-mail is tired, dated, old.  He talks about the inbox as the catalyst for productivity, a concept that explains why "e-mail" is critical in the future.  He also talks conceptually about the integration in Notes 8.5 with Lotus Connections, and the benefits of that work.

Take a 16 minute listen....
Link: Podcast: Notes product manager Dwight Morse on empowering people >

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