OK, Paul Robichaux, you were right -- it was bad admin...

House of Representatives' email, and Internet services on Blackberrys, experienced a severe service outage, which began last night. This failure also has affected employees' access to shared drives and has impacted some websites within the House.gov domain.

Computer engineers within the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer have literally been working around the clock to resolve the issue.

Although the House's computer systems have emergency backup capabilities, which are still 100 percent operational, this failure was due to an overloaded circuit breaker in one of our data centers. In other words, this problem was electrical, and not related to the integrity of the servers.
...except that if they had a system, say for example, Lotus Domino, that had active/active clustering available across geographically-distributed server locations, maybe an electrical failure wouldn't be a problem.  Ah, well, at least they used to have one.

Link: Politico: House e-mails remain down >

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