Last week, I delivered a presentation entitled "Business Aspects of Social Software and Collaboration" at the ICE Conference run by the CIPS in Edmonton.  I've posted the slides via SlideShare.

The presentation was intended to educate an audience overall on how collaboration and social software can apply to the business world, such as the CEO blogging instead of e-mailing, a wiki to manage a project, and real-time communications merge with other tools to form real-time business.  I also talked about some of the notions around the future direction of Notes, most notably situational and composite applications.

The hardest part of this presentation for me was removing the "sales pitch" and making this more of an academic discussion...I used IBM as an example and a case study but steered clear of making it a Lotus product pitch.  Hopefully the CIPS attendees found that valuable -- I saw a lot of heads nodding and had a few very good conversations after the presentation.  And while I wasn't able to get to the West Ed Mall per Bob B's suggestion, I was at its sister Mall of America in Minneapolis today, so we'll call that "close enough".

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