Well, my carbon-neutral presentation of "My career as a corporate blogger" to re:publica 09 in Berlin, Germany today turned out to be even more neutral...the conference network is performing so poorly that we had to resort to a call to a mobile phone piped over a microphone in the room and someone locally turning the pages on the presentation.  This is what it was supposed to look like, via make.tv:

Image:Presentation posted: "My career as a corporate blogger" re:publica 09

In the end, I built a nearly-new presentation to cover this topic.  I've posted it on SlideShare, where they say I am a "SlideShare rockstar!" today (personally I think it's a kind of April Fool's joke...)

It seemed like the presentation was well-received...a few Twitter tweets about it and some nice applause at the end.  Let's hope we can get the technology right for the future -- I like make.tv a lot and maybe will use it for some webcasts in the future.

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