e-Office ran a top-notch event on Tuesday in Maarssen, Netherlands, to celebrate fifteen years that they've been in the Notes/Domino business.   Congrats to them on such a milestone.  As I mentioned a few times, my job was to present on the history of Notes, as well as a roadmap to Hannover and beyond.

The history presentation was a ton of fun to build.  I've worked with Notes for 14 of the 16 years it has been in market, so I was able to pull a lot from memory.  The "History of Notes and Domino" page was helpful, too.  So were some of the comments readers have made here in the last few days.  And I ultimately turned to the internal "Iris Office Notes" database (which goes back to 1986) for some insight and interesting anecdotes.

e-Office's Gerco Wolfswinkel sent me a note after the event where he stated that

it's very interesting to hear from someone who was actually there, when certain decisions were made or releases were built. You were there, you know or knew those people that, to us, are only names (be it famous ones) in a "History of Notes" lesson. If you ever do this "History" presentation again, I'd plan on using that.  Our audience loved the little personal sidenotes, the anecdotes!
I don't want to over-state my credentials on this -- in fact, walking away from the presentation, I realized how many gaps I still have in my "early days" knowledge.  I was in field sales from when I joined Lotus in 1994 until early 1998, so I wasn't "there" at  the time so many interesting decisions were made.

Here is a link to my "History of Lotus Notes" presentation (and all three presentations from the e-Office event are linked on the right side of this page).  I know already there are three areas I didn't cover but should -- Lotusphere, blogs, and the Lotus community (including OpenNTF).  I know I need a bit more depth on early years.  What else am I missing?

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