At Lotusphere 2010, IBM announced Project Vulcan, a vision for the future of our collaborative solutions.  While Project Vulcan isn't a product, it is a blueprint for where the Lotus products are going--and you'll hear more about that progress at Lotusphere 2011 in January.

Meanwhile, one of the commitments made at Lotusphere was that we would release Project Vulcan "developer APIs" by the end of 2010.  That objective has been met through delivery of the IBM Collaboration Toolkit.  Now available to an initial community of ISVs and business partners on Lotus Greenhouse, the toolkit provides documentation on how to develop using the Toolkit APIs, some sample gadgets, and methods for polling for event information.  All of this feeds into the activity stream, a key component of the Project Vulcan user experience.

Welcome to the IBM Collaboration Toolkit.
IBM Collaboration Toolkit (ICT) Built on the principles of increased end-user productivity, Flexible user selection, Accelerated deployment model and Open application model. ICT enables simplified collaboration environment integrating messaging, social collaboration, unified communications and applications. Attention management, social analytics, embedded experiences, flexible user access options such as mobile, web and rich client, web 2.0 application model are some of the key features.
For now, the community on the Lotus Greenhouse for those interested in the IBM Collaboration Toolkit is invitation only.  This is an API approach so it's not specific to Domino but rather more for integrating with a variety of collaborative use cases.  

If you are an IBM Business Partner and are interested in joining the community, you can contact my colleague Mikael Orn, Director - Project Vulcan.  Congratulations to Mikael and his team for achieving this significant milestone in the Project Vulcan vision.

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