PSC Group, who won the Lotus Award in 2005 for best competitive solution, have another successful Move2Lotus story up on their website...

Working with the Plymouth IT staff, an architecture, implementation, and migration plan were developed by PSC to achieve the maximum business benefit with a minimum of distraction and downtime.  On the technical front, PSC established an internal Domino environment to handle all internal mail and applications, providing access to external users, as well as instant messaging and web-conferencing.  Because of PSC's skill and years of experience in this space, the technical side of the implementation was completed with relative ease.  The fact that the migration went so smoothly was particularly noteworthy since Plymouth was coming off of an older, non-supported version of GroupWise.  The jump to a new way of messaging was not insignificant.

Donald VanPelt, Plymouth's President, commented that "the up front effort of our IT staff and PSC truly paid off.  All of the planning, preparation and professionalism made the implementation go better than we ever expected."

The migration, which took place over 8 weeks and across 7 geographic locations, could not have gone smoother.

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