My colleagues in engineering who focus on Domino statistics have asked for the opportunity to ask the admins out there some questions about how you use statistics on Domino.  Feel free to comment here, or send me mail at work with your thoughts.  The goal of the exercise is to improve documentation, rework tools like statrep, and make other improvements in the world of Domino statistics.  Looking forward to your insights.

a. As a Domino Administrator, do you proactively monitor server health or react to any problems as they occur?
b. Do you own or have you created automated monitoring solutions?  If so, do they have alert mechanisms that help you react quickly when possible problems are detected?
c. In your experience, what are the leading indicators of Domino server health?
d. Do you use Domino console commands to see if Domino servers are healthy?  If so, which ones?
e. Do you monitor Domino server statistics?  If so, what are the most useful statistics that you look at that quickly monitor server health and performance?  Also, are there some statistics that are key given server type (mail, app, web app, etc.) and load?

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