Quick hits from PACLUG

June 21 2011

Just some quick observations from today's successful PACLUG event in Las Vegas.

  • Thank you to David Stephens for being the energy behind this event, and to many others including the WISPubs/View staff, Brian Benz, Jon Raslawski, Ann Marie Darrough, Holli Heard, etc. for making it all work.
  • Very good discussion in my Notes/Domino strategy session today, including good brainstorming for a working name for the Notes "Next" release
  • I really enjoy the interactive forum of a session like that where I can add more nuance to what is being said than a simple blog entry or presentation can do
  • Good questions and discussion at Meet the Experts. Thanks to Rob Wunderlich for showing me what iEnterprises can do to take a Notes application and make it a mobile iPad/iPhone native application. Very cool stuff.
  • Phil Riand and Maureen Lutz and Pete Janzen covered some major good news in the world of OpenNTF -- several additions to the extensions library upcoming around XPages relational database access, REST APIs, OAuth, Mobile, and more. See the blog for details.
  • And as Chris Whisonant blogged, we updated Notes Traveler Companion today to add a password caching feature. Customers who receive all encrypted email were complaining about having to enter their password for every single email to decrypt it.

Now it's time to get some sleep before the keynote and Admin/Developer 2011!

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