A happy day.  

A customer contacted me recently about a problem with their Macintosh users accessing Quickplace 7 using Safari browsers.  Basically it didn't work, even though IBM announced it as a supported platform.  The initial answer was "SPR'd and being considered for the next release".  I wasn't particularly happy about that answer -- either we were supporting that configuration or we weren't.  So, in the best IBM tradition, I escalated.  I got the development lead for Quickplace involved, who committed to getting it fixed.  

We discovered a few process issues and mis-set expectations in the process, for sure.  I understood the challenges that I got in replies to e-mails and Sametime pings, but kept up with championing the customer's request.

This morning, the customer e-mailed that the hotfix provided has been downloaded, tested, and works.

Merry Christmas, Mike.  And thank you to Satwik and the Quickplace development team for being responsive to this customer's requirements.

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