With this week's press release announcing Lotus Quickr availaibility, and next week's release date, the Quickr machine is in motion.  A great resource to keep track of it all is Stu McIntyre's Quickr Blog.  He's covered just about everything this week.

If you're into Quickr news, I also suggest you check out Rob Novak's blog at lotusrockstar.com.  Rob has been posting a series of demonstrations of the new Quickr templates, including QPresent, QPhotos, QSurvey, QProject, and QIdeas.  One of the comments on Rob's site says:

I have just reviewed all the templates available and I've got to say I am VERY impressed. What an absolutely great job your team has done to give us the added flexibility with Quickr.
Nice work, SNAPPS!  These Quickr templates are included with Quickr at no charge to you.

Rob also has the latest information on Collaboration University for Quickr, Quickplace, and Sametime -- both the London and the Kansas City editions.  Great agenda and speakers.  In just two short hours, they'll even be having a live podcast with some of those speakers.

One week to go before Quickr release!

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