Quotes from Lotusphere 2008

January 25 2008

Someone asked if I could post the quotes that I had submitted to be used during the closing session.  This is just a sampling; please do not be offended if I skipped your blog.  Of these, three made it to the big screen: Gregg Eldred, Andy Donaldson, and Warren Elsmore.

After lunch was John Paganetti and Jon Champlin giving ID108 Best Practices for Deploying IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8. This was fantastic! They had a new take (for me) on enterprise Notes/Domino deployments that at first had me thinking "Hey! That's not best practice!" but then soon had me realizing that "Oh, well, it should be."

Conxsys Blog

"We exceeded our expectations for qualified leads at our booth, and not just by a little. We had achieved our objective even before the reception on Monday evening. Not our objective for Monday, mind you. By that time we had already exceeded our expectation for the entire conference! And they kept coming. "

Richard Schwartz

"Lotusphere is more than a conference. It is a time to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and have an opportunity to meet people outside of your normal circle. While I really like the Lotus Notes and Domino space, it is just software. Lotusphere is, to me, about the people. I have taken every opportunity to greet and chat with the people at the breakfast and lunch table. I have sought out my blogging friends. I have reconnected with people that I have not seen in years. "

Gregg Eldred

"for the first time since the IBM acquisition 12 years ago, the Lotus brand is deliberately going after small business customers. By which I mean REAL small businesses: 2 to 20 people, rather than IBM's historical definition of under a thousand. This is really good news, as it brings a serious competitor into a space in which for years Microsoft has had a virtual monopoly. Several of the new products are aimed at these types of customers and I'm frankly delighted. "

Julian Woodward

"I plan to do a whole post dedicated to all the goodness coming in XPages. It's unbelievable. I'm actually excited about doing Domino web development. Did you just feel that? Yeah, the Earth tilted off its axis for a second. "

Charles Robinson, as posted on Stan Rogers weblog

"Evolution. I don't think that there is anyone in the Lotus community that has been following things over the last couple of years can say that there hasn't been a solid evolution of the product line. Look at what was announced on Monday morning about Notes/Domino 8.0.1, Domino 8.5, Symphony, the new Eclipse Designer client, widgets in Notes. They are all a solid evolution of the product line. I really think that the die hard Outlook/Exchange people are going to have a hard time giving the "Lotus Notes sucks" line. They will, but they are going to have a hard time backing it up. "

Andy Donaldson

"Thomas: Yes, there's value in going back with strategic directions and dates for new releases.  But your users will be blown away with your new method for giving them a Flashed-based chart in their Notes application.  Just don't tell them it only took you about five minutes to rock their world! "

Tom Duff

"Lotus has finally found an appealing visual style for their applications. And it is basically the same style for the whole portfolio, from Notes 8 all the way to Connections and the new announcements made today. I really want to stress that the times of ugly Lotus applications appears to be over. There is even some work done refreshing old templates. This is a very welcome change. "

Volker Weber

"one thing that really stood out to me was the fact that IBM are most defiantly on the offensive. Subtle (and not-so-subtle) jibes at Microsoft were peppered through the OGS, and was a subject I brought up at the Bloggers Q&A we had with Mike Rhodin. I mentioned that Foundations seemed to be a definite competitive play against MS Small Business Server, and the answer was 'ye think?' (accompanied by much laughter!) Seriously though, 2 years ago we would not have got that answer, so I'm very glad that at last IBM feel confident enough in their products to start fighting the evil empire. Got to be good"

Warren Elsmore

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