I'm back from a ten-day around-the-world trip, during which I allocated my free time to book writing so haven't been blogging. Lots of great customer and partner meetings in France, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan. Some good food at every stop, too.

Now that I'm back, I am catching up...including Raj Patil's blog. Raj is a senior technical staff member on the Notes team, but I think his blog isn't on PlanetLotus because not many people have seen it. This week he posted an update on the Notes browser plug-in, coming as part of Notes/Domino 8.5.4 Social Edition:

What we have done is:
 Have a minimum kit - which is about 62 MB, almost all that you need to run your existing Domino Application in the 2 browsers we will support.
Have a larger kit - about 125 MB, which includes the minimum above, but in addition also includes the Notes JVM which is required if you have applications that have Java in the design.
You can decide which is required by your users.
Another goal that we have achieved, is to simplify the installation.  We will continue to have MSI installer, as requested by most of the customers we talked to, but the installation has 2 screen to begin with and then installs within a minute on my Windows7 desktop that I have.  I think this is HUGE!!   I am sure your admin's and user's will find this beneficial.

So the goal of Install & Setup of a minute-each definitely is something that is already achieved.
Raj is happy to discuss the plug-in on his blog....lots of customer interest in my meetings over the last few weeks. You can of course ask me, too, but he's the technical guy ;-)

Link: Raj Patil: What about installation of the Notes Browser plug-in? >

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  1. 1  Mike Brown http://www.browniesblog.com |

    Just as the whole world is being told to disable Java!

    Still, that will pass...

  1. 2  Chris Miller http://www.IdoNotes.com |

    Can we talk about it on his blog in comments or NDA limits it ? Bueller?

  1. 3  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    @2 fair point...for design partners or beta customers, the NDA does still apply. You can provide your feedback through the DP forum or beta forum and I will make sure Raj is aware of it...

  1. 4  Thomas http://www.flyttefirmaet.dk |

    Welcome back from vacation, even though it sounds like allot of traveling on 10 days, glad the food was enjoyable :o)

  1. 5  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    @4 vacation? Not at all. Business trip.

  1. 6  JFranchetti  |

    Shoot, why did 8.5.4 get delayed from August to February 2013?

  1. 7  Lars Olufsen  |

    Will the browser kits support full functionality in virtual environments?

  1. 8  GarryL  |

    @7 I have asked this with reference to running in a TS environment a few times to no avail as yet.

    Would be very beneficial to us.

  1. 9  Hynek Kobelka  |

    Do you plan to do an open beta for 8.5.4 yet ?

    If yes, is there a release date ?

  1. 10  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    @6 additional work required on some of the consumability features and new operating systems like Windows 8 and Windows 2012 server... @9 yes a public beta is planned in mid-Q4.

    @7 don't know yet.

  1. 11  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    @6 PS August was never the date.

  1. 12  Stephan Bartholome http://www.itbalance.de |

    Is there a possibility to participate the beta program? I am very interested in the new features and want to contribute content to the development.

  1. 13  Hynek Kobelka  |

    @10 Thank you for this information. Glad to hear that we will be able to test the new version this year yet.

  1. 14  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    @12 yes there is a closed beta now, I am hesitant to post the nomination link publicly but if you contact me (ed_brill at us.ibm.com) I will send it to you.

  1. 15  Søren Ørnstrup http://www.logit.dk |

    Would the customer need a Notes Client license in order to be entitled to run the Notes Browser plugin , or is it sufficient with an Domino utility or xworks server license ?

  1. 16  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    The plan is that the browser plug-in is supported with a Domino Enterprise CAL or CEO license type only.

  1. 17  treehome@noos.fr  |

    Hi from Paris France.

    Great work en fun job.

    Allez encore un effort, la même chose à partir d'un serveur et nous serons heureux.

  1. 18  Sam Martinez  |

    Will the browser plug in allow for serving legacy aps through tablets, iPad, Android or other?? Or will they need to be updated via XPages or other means??

  1. 19  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    no, windows desktops only.

  1. 20  Chad  |

    Do we know if the memory footprint of the plug in will be less than the client? I have seen some web plug-ins go crazy on memory, and some save on memory space over the client. Right now my client is taking 305,156 K for notes2.exe and 67,056 K for nlnotes.exe. It would be nice to keep the plug in much less than that.

    Do we know how the lag is for the plug-in? That is big complaint around the office for my users, especially with the older applications we haven't had time to upgrade. It seems the refresh may actually take longer if it is embedded in a browser.

  1. 21  Prashant Bhavsar  |

    Will the browser plugin will allow serving apps through tables, ipads in future?

  1. 22  Matt McNamara  |

    Hi Ed,

    I got the Domino 9 client from Passport and I am having difficulty trying to get the NotesPluginBrowser without the client. We have a number of users who don't need access to email but access to a Notes database. We would like to remove the client from Citrix as it is outdated (6.5) and just use Mozilla/IE8. Where can I just get the NotesPluginMax plugin?

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