A company on Exchange 5.5 considers Exchange 2003, Domino 7, and Oracle Collab Suite as alternatives for replacement:

At this point, for me it's partly a gut feel that has sold me and the realization that Notes will be more secure, more reliable, and will give better options for management of the system. These though are not great selling points for our non-technical management since we have Oracle Financials and we have Exchange - names they know!

I think it will be hard for the following reasons: we have Exchange already why change, since Microsoft has a hold on the minds of management in a lot of companies it makes change to another platform tough, and to be honest if the ability to create applications with Domino is the only selling point it's not a point that will have much affect on management since it will be tough to show them where additional applications on top of what we have will be cost effective or beneficial for the company. I agree that we will find it to be a great aspect in the future but right now in the minds of management it would be "vapor-ware".
Funny how that relates to my earlier posting today about a firm that was using Notes just for e-mail, discovered the apps side, and now runs their whole knowledge business on Notes.

Anyway, this blog entry asks for comments -- my comment is, use this Gartner article as a good starting point, read lotus.com/compare, and talk to some existing Notes shops.  We'll win this one hands-down.

Link: Real IT: Lotus Domino Vs. Exchange and Microsoft's Tricks >

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