Much as Microsoft loves to poke at IBM for having different businesses that sometimes are in conflict with each other, they are apparently suffering similar problems.  While on the one hand desiring ISVs such as IBM to quickly support Windows 7, Microsoft is simultaneously allowing their technical leaders to declare Notes "incompatible" with Windows 7 -- which it is not.  Notes runs fine on Windows 7, and IBM will imminently announce formal support for Notes 8.5.1 on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.  Yet somehow Microsoft Services -- a bastion of independent thought, to be sure -- sees Lotus Notes as a problem, according to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley:

"There's also the question as to whether customers really need an (incompatible) application," [MS Services CTO Norm] Judah said. When performing an evaluation, customers have a chance to figure out which apps are worth taking the trouble to try to fix vs. which can be "discarded," he said. Judah cited as an example of an app that might be discardable as Lotus Notes... And no, I'm not kidding.

(Maybe if Microsoft is throwing in a free copy of Exchange plus offering to do all the migration work from Notes to Exchange. Otherwise, I'd tend to think Notes might fall more into the "mission critical" than the "who cares" department.)
Yes, there's Microsoft, that enterprise provider, looking out for your needs as a customer by telling you to throw out your furniture because you are moving into a new house.  Always looking after your IT budget, that Microsoft.  They are *so* helpful.  

Link: ZDNet: Windows 7 compatibility problems? Microsoft might have an app (or service) for that > (via Duffbert)

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