A question came in from a customer about the Notes 8 "mail recall" feature.  This feature is the one I often refer to in presentations as the "over my dead body" feature, because I maintained for a long time that we wouldn't implement it, that it was the wrong thing for an era where people "live in e-mail" (either in their desktop clients or blackberries etc.).  Well, the request kept coming and the product managers and development architects did their job, so they went and implemented it anyway, figuring that customers who don't want it will just turn it off.

The question that was raised was, shouldn't the recall feature be off by default, requiring the administrator to actively turn it on if they want it in their environment?  So far, the internal consensus is "no", it should not be off by default, it should be on by default.  

This is an exception to the past -- normally, we turn new features off by default, as part of the general commitment to customer-controlled upgrades we've had for many years.  In Notes 8, though, there are so many new features, it would be challenging for an administrator to have to make individual decisions on turning each of them on.  Further, when Samantha first checks out Notes 8, we want her to see it "all dolled up" -- so that she sees that IBM really has been listening to her.

In the case of mail recall, a customer has asked us to turn that off by default.  We think that's not necessary...there are two ways to turn it off administratively (by policy and server configuration).  But since we're all about listening to customers on this feature in the first place, now we're asking.  Mary Beth Raven has blogged this as well...perhaps because we've both been invited to a meeting on this topic tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

As she says, this is one of those times we have to make a superfast decision...like now!  So, let either one of us know...

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