Red pearl

October 28 2007

Over the weekend, I converted from my first Blackberry Pearl to a slightly newer red Pearl.  I am really really pleased with the new device.  First of all, the conversion was, in the end, pretty easy.  I didn't have to copy anything manually over from the old device -- after the initial sync and a chip move, all my mail, contacts, bookmarks, calendar entries, and photos were live on the new one.  That was great.  The desktop manager made it easy to switch the registered device on my BES server from the old Pearl to the new one.  And as a bonus, Facebook for Blackberry premiered last week, and this is a really cool 'berry app and shows off the Pearl really well.  For the first time, I felt like I had easy easy tools to mo-blog -- uploading pictures from the camera in the phone immediately to Facebook.

The updated default UI in the red Pearl is helpful, too.  My first Pearl was confusing to work with as far as text messages versus e-mail messages -- I couldn't distinguish, but now I can as they use a different icon.  The battery meter is also easier to understand, and a few other minor UI elements are cleaner as well.  I know I could have put a different theme or skin on the old Pearl, but I just never had time to explore all that (other than ColorPearl).

One interesting question, now that I've had a Blackberry for some time, am I a crackberry addict?  I'd say mixed.  There are definitely days now where I'm totally drawn to the device -- but as a substitute for taking out the laptop.  Other days, I can do without it.  It certainly has made me more productive, but it also has occasionally prompted me to get fired up about something without sufficient context, or without allowing enough time to pass to analyze a situation.  So, I'm continuing to learn.  But I can't imagine going without it -- especially the Internet/Intranet connectivity -- so that is definitely a success and a strong recommendation.  I can't wait to see how these kinds of devices evolve in the future -- it just feels like there is room for a lot more innovation.
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