Yes, I know, today was the Stevenote at WWDC (translation = Steve Jobs keynote at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference) and there was no mention of Lotus support for the iPhone and lots of mention of support for Exchange.

The story remains the same as it has since Lotusphere.  Domino Web Access -- now renamed back to iNotes -- will ship an "ultralite" mode in Q3 (probably August) that is supported on the iPhone's Safari browser.  This support will also be in Domino 8.5.

Third parties such as Sybase iAnywhere also support the iPhone with Domino today, mainly through IMAP.

As for an installed local client, in the mode of Lotus Notes Traveler, there is no news.  To somewhat defensively respond to the e-mails and pings today, yes, I know, this is really important.  Yes, I know, this would be helped if Lotus marketing was better.  Yes, I know, the CEO uses an iPhone.  Yes, I know, Apple released an SDK.

The SDK doesn't do it, folks.  Microsoft's activesync integration is deeper into the device than that.  Apple knows that we are interested.  Lotus has people at WWDC and talking to Apple regularly.  But Apple needs to hear it from you.  It's much more credible and urgent coming from an Apple customer who wants to buy hundreds of devices that they themselves now label as "Enterprise", but that the enterprise uses something other than what they built with..

IBM is continuing in its efforts, here, and this post is in no way trying to minimize that responsibility.  It is only intended to acknowledge all those e-mails and pings that we've been getting today -- you are not falling on deaf ears, even if your answer isn't coming in the time and place you want it.

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