No, this time, we're really serious, we even hired Michael Phelps to tell you how serious we are...

The database titan has just stormed into the Notes-Exchange war with what seems at first glance (although we haven't actually seen it) like a nifty new suite of collaboration software.

That's right -- it's not all about Microsoft and IBM slugging it out for IT departments' e-mail and calendaring applications anymore, with Google offering its Web-based stuff just on the edge of the battle and Cisco making noise about unified communications. Oracle has arrived, seriously this time, with its own collaboration suite aimed at -- but ready to work with -- Outlook and Exchange, as well as Notes. ...

Will it produce the sticky honey that keeps collaboration systems together and makes users' and IT managers' live sweeter? Or will it simply be a bit player in the ongoing IBM-Microsoft drama? We don't know, but we'll say this -- Larry Ellison rarely does anything halfway, so we have a feeling Beehive will buzz its way into at least a few IT shops.

I'm just amazed that anyone fell for it.  I've been watching this head fake for five+ years, and it's laughable to keep repeating the same old line that "Oracle never does anything halfway".

Link: Redmond Channel Partner: Oracle Stirs Hornet's Nest with Beehive >

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