Really happy to see this announcement...

Phase 2 International now offers online IBM Lotus applications to small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), adding to its various hosted service offerings which already include a Microsoft solution stack. ... The new hosted IBM solutions include Lotus Notes 8.5 for e-mail and Lotus Sametime, which is an integrated instant messaging/collaboration capability built into Notes. In addition, Phase 2 offers IBM's Lotus Quickr, a document management platform that's Web 2.0-enabled. Doherty said that Quickr competes with Microsoft's SharePoint and called it a "very capable platform" and "very simple to use," allowing customizations that don't require developer support.

Finally, the Lotus on-Demand suite includes Lotus Connections, a social networking portal designed for internal company communications, although Doherty added that it also enables federation with outside organizations. ...

"IBM is very interested in this small segment of the market," Doherty said. "And by 'small' I mean by employee count -- it really encompasses about 80 percent of the businesses across the U.S. Frankly, they don't focus on it. They focus at the top and we focus basically at the bottom, and that's why there's a synergy between the two companies and the partnership will work out."
Congratulations to Phase 2 and to the IBM colleagues who made this deal happen.  Great market expansion opportunity, and I sure don't mind seeing it covered in RedmondMag.

Link: RedmondMag: Microsoft Partner Phase 2 Adds IBM's Hosted Apps  >

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