On Wednesday afternoon, I'll be speaking at the re:publica conference on social media in Berlin, Germany.  In what I hope will be an increasingly-frequent opportunity, my presentation will be done remotely, using make.tv technology.  The site needs a lot of horsepower and bandwidth, but that's a worthwhile tradeoff for the two staircase -- instead of two airplane -- journey to get to the presentation.  I guess I have to shave in the morning either way, though.

My presentation is entitled "My career as a corporate blogger".  That's a bit of a false lead, though, since my career at IBM has never been about being a "corporate blogger" -- I have always viewed blogging as a means to an end, which is to increase my connection to the community around my product.  Much of my presentation will draw on the same content I used at the "Social Networking for Good" conference over the weekend.  The audience in Berlin will have had the benefit of hearing some incredible speakers earlier in the day, including Lawrence Lessig.  My fellow foodie and colleague Adam Christensen from IBM is also speaking, though he's in Berlin live and in person.  Should be a great event -- and to the delegates who are stopping by in advance of my session, I look forward to speaking with you at 17:00 on Wednesday!

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