This is a pretty aggressive statement out of Redmond...

"In five years, 50 percent of our Exchange mailboxes will be Exchange Online," said Capossela, who expects a portion of Exchange Online customers to come from customers switching from International Business Machines' Lotus Domino system.
Fifty percent?  

Hosted e-mail has been around for a long time, and while cloud-based or hosted services are increasing in market interest, a wholesale move of the customer base from on-premise to hosted for a core service like e-mail seems pretty aggressive.  I realize on the cost side, there is some attractiveness, but on the benefit side, this is a pretty aggressive prediction for e-mail alone.  What's the ROI?

Further on down the article, it mentions Coca-Cola Enterprises and their move to hosted Exchange.  This is the second time Microsoft has mentioned that deal publicly, so it's a bit recycled...but The Coca-Cola Company !ÌE and TCCC is the company mentioned in our press release from Lotusphere.

Link: Reuters: Microsoft braces for major customer shift > (Thanks, Karen)

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