The rumors are true.  This morning, RIM is announcing availability of the Blackberry Enterprise Server Express for Lotus Domino.  This free version of the BES server provides the ability to synchronize email, calendar, contacts and tasks from Domino mailboxes to Blackberry users, with 75 security and control policies available (BES Express for Exchange started with 35).  BES Express for Domino will support up to 2,000 users per server.  It also works with many personal data plans as well as business data plans.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for Lotus Domino is available today in seven languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese.  

I've heard the request for BES Express for Domino frequently since the Exchange version was announced earlier this year.  RIM assured us that they would build one for Domino, and have held true to their word.  I believe this will help RIM gain additional footing in the corporate space where basic device connectivity has become an expectation, not an extra.

Press and blog reaction so far has been positive on this announcement.  See coverage this morning on and CIO, with more expected.

Link: Blackberry Enterprise Express for Domino >
Link: RIM Announces Free BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Software for IBM Lotus Domino >

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