Now that we've shipped Notes/Domino 8.5.3, there seems to be some confusion about what comes next on the Notes/Domino roadmap. We'll be discussing this in detail next week with an initial group of customers at our Leadership Alliance event, and of course, at Lotusphere 2012. But to clarify for now since there is discussion --

We are building a feature release for 2012. It won't be called Notes/Domino 9; it will be called Notes/Domino something (let's say "foo" for now). Architecturally, the "foo" release will be based on Notes/Domino 8.5.x, so that you can easily consume the new features without a major "upgrade" planning/deployment cycle. There will likely be an 8.5.4 release around the same time, just so that there is the most stable, up-to-date latest version of the 8.5.x codebase to use as a solid foundation for the "foo" feature release. The focus of the "foo" release will be more on the client/end-user interfaces vs. the server; in the same alternating pattern of server vs. client priorities we have done going all the way back to Release 6; there will be some incremental work on the server of course (and much work for Designer).  At AusLUG and Admin2011, we showed some highlights of some planned "foo" capabilities based on the IBM Project "Vulcan" vision; there will be more.

Beyond 2012, we plan a feature release in the 2013-2014 timeframe, which for now would be OK to think about in terms of a Notes/Domino "9" release;  I have occasionally said I don't want to call it "9" but it's a ways out and we haven't really worked on that branding/naming yet.

I'm not ready to get into the specifics of those releases in a blog post; again we will do some preview and feedback intake next week and go from there.

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