No April Fool's...Rob Novak announces an exciting component of Lotus Quickr 8 on his blog:

IBM has contracted with Design Partner SNAPPS to accelerate the development of eleven new templates ("placetypes" in Lotus Quickr terms) that will be available free to licensed Lotus Quickr users.  Each of them has a different purpose, is being designed with modularity in mind, and makes use of the latest in Web 2.0 technologies.  In addition, IBM has acquired the rights to incorporate SNAPPS' open-source templates developed a few months ago for QuickPlace 7 into Lotus Quickr 8.  So out of the box, you will see IBM Lotus Quickr versions of QDoc, QBlog, and QWiki. ...

The eleven new templates will be distributed by both IBM and SNAPPS as open-source and free under the Apache open source license, version 2.0.  They encompass a variety of functions you might want to perform with web-based team collaboration:
  • Project Management
  • Ideas and Innovation
  • Image Repository
  • Meeting and Agenda Management
  • Activities Integration
  • Contact Management
  • Dynamic Surveys
  • Corporate Communications Management
  • Collaborative Presentation Development
  • Issues Escalation, Workflow and Management
  • J2EE Document Library Integration
Very exciting news for the Quickr team -- only adding to the great story being put together around this upcoming release.
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