BBC business editor Robert Peston takes a second look at his progress moving to Microsoft Windows Vista.  The going is not good at all:

I installed Office XP on my new [Vista] laptop, and have been puzzled and irked that Outlook will not save sign-on passwords. It means I have to type in my passwords every time I check my e-mail accounts for new mail.

For weeks I've been investigating possible fixes to this annoying glitch. But yesterday I came across an explanation from someone called the Microsoft AppCompat Guy, on Microsoft's discussion forum for "General Windows Vista Development Issues".

This is what AppCompat Guy says: "This was a difficult deliberate choice. During the development of Vista, it was discovered that the password storage algorithm used by Outlook was too weak to protect your data from future, potential attacks. Both the security and application compatibility teams decided that protecting your data outweighed the inconvenience of having to retype your passwords. As the appcompat representative, I can assure you this was not a decision we took lightly..."

So just to be clear, Microsoft has created a new operating system that isn't properly compatible with a best-selling, still perfectly useable version of its own software.
As if "rip and replace" is anything new or surprising?  What's more, I'm amazed that they wouldn't find some way to continue to make single sign-on work -- it was one of the features MS touted aggressively in the past as to why users would "prefer" Outlook.

Link: Robert Peston/BBC: Dear Bill Gates (again) > (via vowe dot net)

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