Roberto has recovered from jet lag enough to contribute some additional insight into Lotus Connections on the "yellow is the new black" group blog...

The announcement was well received by the Lotusphere attendees and by the analysts, but I have the feeling that it has not been fully understood by everyone. This is normal, since is a new product quite different from the rest of our offerings, so I am trying here to shed some lights upon it.

Let me start saying that the concept is not new at all. Connections is all about collaboration and we've been doing this since ever; also someone can remember a product we had a few years ago, Discovery Server. The idea behind it was to create a tool that would let you capture and organize the "collective knowledge" in your organization. These ideas are at the basis of Connections, though the product now is quite different from Discovery Server. Another concept we talked about in the last years is the one of Activity Centric computing, and I am sure that many of you have heard about Activity Explorer (actually this is exactly what Ben wes referring to in his post); also Activities are a part of Connections.
Link: Roberto Boccadoro: Lotus Connections - What is it ? >

Update: You can also read an extensive Lotus Connections analysis from Redmonk's Michael Coté  here.

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