Rocky finally blogs about his baby (not just him, of course), Lotus Notes access for SAP Solutions (which I mentioned here and here)...

the audience seemed very receptive to the featureset. They especially liked that we are shipping this product with the source code exposed - and that it doesn't take some new tool, new server, etc. to work with it. It is simply a connector and a bunch of LotusScript - and Domino Developers know how to work with LotusScript.
Rocky also sums up why this is such an important project for IBM Lotus and the Notes/Domino market.  Excuse the big quote, but this is a critical point:
* From what we're hearing, Microsoft's Mendicino (now called Duet) has between 100-200 developers on it, and it has been in the works for two years. We did this with two full-time developers/architects, in six months. Why such a disparity? I must attribute it to Notes/Domino, and the built-in framework provided by the platform (including the SAP connector we used, since we already had a robust connector framework available). Notes/Domino gives us such a head-start in integrating with other systems that we were able to build a robust system in an incredibly short amount of time - and hasn't that always been the hallmark of Notes/Domino? Notes/Domino continues to set the standard for what RAD (Rapid Application Development) should be.

* Duet is a "closed" application, meaning that you cannot  modify it at all - you either use it as-is, or you don't use it. Notes access for SAP solutions is completely open code, and we encourage customers (and BPs) to modify the tool to best suit your needs. Once again, the difference between Notes/Domino and other systems. We know Notes/Domino people love to tweak their applications to best suit their needs, and we fully support that and built this featureset with them in mind.

* Oh, and one more modest difference - Notes access for SAP solutions is FREE, and Duet will cost $125/seat (I think that's the latest number), and will require upgrades to MS Office, some MS servers, and SAP - not a cheap proposition.

So, to sum up: We are delivering serious value, in record time, at an attractive cost (free), in a way that lends itself to molding exactly to your needs.

Gosh, that sounds like business-as-usual - at least in the world of Notes/Domino. :)
This is why I had a bit of a shootout with ZDNet's Josh Greenbaum last week (read the comments).  He perpetuated the market myth that IBM builds software to support the services business, which clearly, when you note Rocky's points about this project, isn't the case.  

Notes access for SAP Solutions is one of the first times that IBM is delivering real enterprise integration for Notes "out of the box".  The pipes and connectors have been there for years, but now a solution is demonstrable to everyone.  Even if you don't use SAP, checking this feature out is a great way to show your organization what Notes is capable of.

Link: Rocky Oliver: DNUG Wrap-up, and Notes access for SAP solutions >

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